Upcoming Recording:
Jai Jeffryes plans to record my Seasons of New York for a CD entitled "Tagent Shores." Visit his website to sign up for his newsletter about the project.

New Scores:
"Seasons of New York" for solo piano. See the new score and listen to a MIDI realization on the Instrumental page.

"Berceuse" for flute and viola, with a recording by Takanori Yamane and Vincent Lionti.

You are invited to use this site to get to know music composed by Waddy Thompson. Many scores are provided for free download for use by performers. Any other use constitutes copyright infringement. Sound files may not be used without permission from the composer. Notice of any performances that result are greatly appreciated.

The music at the top of this and other pages on this web site are the opening bars from Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra.